14 Yirmiyahu St. Tel-Aviv

Some people have the ability to detect something good
when they see it.
You know it from the inside,
you just feel it.

This sense, it is impossible to explain in words, of something rare,
once in a lifetime.

In close proximity to the sea,
close to the promenade,
near the port,
close to all things that
symbolize freedom
and the city that never sleeps,
Tel Aviv.
MYTOWN Yirmiyahu
a boutique building with a view of the sea,
close to Yarkon St.
A small apartment building with three rooms and a penthouse


Building Specs

  • Lavish lobby
  • CCTV system in the lobby with smartphone access*

*Constant internet access required

Apartment Specs

  • Electric blinds throughout the apartment, (except safe room)
  • Exceptionally large balconies in each apartment
  • Complete thermal and acoustic isolation in each apartment
  • Beautifully-designed front door
  • Insulated or triplex windows in living room and bedrooms (except safe room)
  • Large master suite with high-quality parquet flooring, spacious closet area and separate bath
  • Designer cabinets and bathroom countertops
  • Preparation for home entertainment sytem
  • Exceptionally large and wide designer luxury kitchens, from top-quality brands.
  • Caesarstone marble kitchen surface *
  • Central air conditioning system
  • Granite porcelain 60*60 in entire apartment (except bathrooms)
  • Well-made doors in all bedrooms, (except safe room), in a shade of white
  • Intercom system with color screen
  • Three-phase power
  • Hanging toilets with hidden with concealed cisterns
  • Wall cladding and lavish ceramic and/or porcelain flooring in bathrooms, (with your choice of an array of shades)
  • Quality designed faucets by GROHE**

*Out of five shades to be chosen by the company architect **Or of equal value


MYTOWN, brought to you by “The Israeli Company for Building Augmentation” builds luxury apartments to enhance urban renewal in the desirable areas of Israel’s central cities.

The company’s shareholders and managers are well-known businesspeople in Israel, including: company director Yossi Hasson, Ephrati Madpis Ltd. – one of the two leading residential management and construction companies in the country, the Attia family owners of Attia Real Estate Ltd. and the Ashgar Group whose owner has served as the CEO of IDB Development and Chairman of Clal Insurance for the past 20 years.

 MYTOWN, which has been in existence since 1979 has acquired experience, know-how and advanced capabilities after implementing  hundreds of projects and building thousands of apartment units throughout Israel. The company had made it its goal to build apartment units at a level above the rest, while creating quality of life so that you will arrive at your new house with a feeling of inner peace and calmness; knowing that everything is exactly in the right place.


own the home meant for you

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