MYTOWN has new residential apartments available for sale in sought-after areas in central Herzliya that are part of the city’s urban renewal program.

Herzliya recently approved an urban renewal plan that relies on incentives for gentrification and the use of the TAMA 38 project to ensure the continued development of the city center. According to the municipality, these steps will revitalize the city, attract young people to the city center and improve the quality of life for longtime residents. The plan will also increase business and employment along Sokolov Street, the city’s principal thoroughfare.

According to the municipality, “This is the first program of its kind in Israel – the best news is about parking in the city center: the local committee’s policy is to reduce parking spaces from one and a half spaces per apartment to only one parking space per apartment.”

MYTOWN is dedicated to building new apartments of exceptional quality in Herzliya while providing you with the highest quality of life so you can enjoy a sense of serenity and harmony in your home, knowing that everything is located in exactly the right place.

Our Herzliya projects are situated in central Herzliya, the heart of the city’s urban renewal efforts. They include new apartments in neighborhoods with superior urban environments, offering numerous public and educational institutions and a variety of shopping and leisure facilities.

MYTOWN is offering the following projects for sale in Herzliya:

  • MYTOWN 21-23 Hadar, Herzliya: New, spacious, five-room apartments with impressive interior spaces. The project is currently under construction and has only a small number of apartments still available for purchase.
  • MYTOWN 8 Ussishkin, Herzliya: Located on a quiet street in the heart of Herzliya, still enables its residents to enjoy all the benefits of city life: education, culture, art, fashion and good food.

MYTOWN also has projects in Ramat Gan, Ra’anana and Tel Aviv.

MYTOWN has the following new projects for sale in Herzliya:

  • MYTOWN Hadar: 21-23 Hadar St., Herzliya

MYTOWN Ussishkin: 8 Ussishkin St., Herzliya.